Didactic Farm Il Muretto Mugello

Our didactic farm:


Our farm has specialized in pedagogical projects and carries out educational activities for children and young people of all ages in particular by developing following themes:


The zoo (chickens, rabbits, donkeys, goats and pigs)

The children will be encouraged to observe and understand the animals and their habits in cohabitation with human beings.

The garden and its miracles

The children will learn how to sow, replant, and distinguish between the different vegetables throughout the four seasons.  The tractor: this fascinating vehicle together with other farm equipment will be vividly explained to the children.

The forest and its secrets

The children will get to know and distinguish between the most common trees, and they will learn more about the trees` products and their role in the ecosystem.



On an expedition of medicinal plants

Guided tour of the farm receiving information on growing and using medicinal plants. Identifying the most common plants and getting to know more about their history, the way they were used in former times and nowadays: as a medicinal plant, as nourishment, etc..


Essential oil: properties and usage.

Presenting and explaining the distillation processes by an employee. Participants will have the possibility to try some of the steps of the distillation process themselves.

Biodynamic farming

History, principles, and methods. The soil as a living organism, the influence of the cosmos on plants and animals. Biodynamic means for the protection of soil and plants